George Cole was the first DLP Senator and parliamentary leader of the DLP. He was a very talented league footballer as well as good looking. He was a school headmaster and was prominent within the ALP until the split occurred in 1955.

Virgil Morgan, who was George Cole’s senior advisor in Canberra, was also President of the Good Neighbour Council and assisted many migrants settling in Tasmania. Later he came close to winning a parliamentary seat in the State House.

James McAuley, Professor of English at the University of Tasmania and renowned poet, was State President at this time. His brilliant and incisive mind greatly contributed to the formation of DLP policy.

The Tasmanian DLP is beginning to rebuild. The party contested the 2010 Federal Election in the Senate with a very articulate lead candidate in Mishka Gora, a freelance journalist and photographer.


What we stand for

The DLP in Tasmania strongly supports small business, agriculture, tourism and the development of our mining and manufacturing base. We are pro-family and pro-life. We support the timber industry along with mining as the cornerstone industries for this State. For generations, timber workers have been successful guardians of our forests; we firmly oppose the locking up of our State forests into one giant National Park. The absence of fire trails, machinery and men from the forest industry and the lack of bush fuel reduction will expose our forests to uncontrollable wild fires and the consequent loss of life and damage to the environment.

For further information please contact Tasmania DLP Secretary Mr Wayne Williams.