To join the DLP in Queensland, please click here to download the QLD DLP membership form


QLD Policies:

Click here to download Policy Document of the QLD Branch


Core Principles of the Queensland Branch:

1. Defending Judeo-Christian heritage and values
2. Supporting Australian national interest
3. Supporting fair treatment of employees, farmers and small business people
4. Defending human life
5. Supporting families
6. Supporting economic, social and political decentralization
7. Promoting politicians supporting public service
8. Supporting equal opportunity
9. Supporting the DLP mixed economy model
10. Promoting DLP subsidiarity
11. Promoting DLP distributism
12. Supporting Australian manufacturing and industry
13. Assisting Australian small enterprise
14. Supporting the integration of refugees and migrants
15. Supporting outdoor recreational activities without unnecessary limitations and restrictions
16. Supporting freedom of religious activities without unnecessary limitations and restrictions 
17. Supporting the poor and oppressed
18. Supporting stewardship of the environment
19. Supporting strong, self-reliant defence forces
20. Fostering direct and representative democracy



Secretary Terri Bell
0498 681 339

PO Box 436
Nundah QLD 4012