The DLP believes that the Federal Government should provide sporting insurance to all amateur sport participants to cover injury insurance.


The DLP calls on the Federal Government to establish an independent Turf Research and Development Institute. It would play a research, development and advisory role for all green keepers, turf managers, small sporting clubs that have volunteers as turf managers and government bodies.

This institute is to be a resource to assist the sports turf industry with knowledge, technical information and specifications aimed at Australian turf surfaces. Improvements will be aimed at the construction and maintenance of all turf but especially sports turf to ensure the safest, most effective premium sports profiles for Australia’s diverse sports needs and conditions.





Government funding for insurance will make sport cheaper. This will aid parents in affording sports fees for children to play sport and/or be involved in interest groups, as well as allow men and women who have families a more affordable means to stay in sport. Government-funded sports insurance should increase the participation rate among lower income families. Greater involvement in sport helps break down political, racial and social economic barriers, helping people live healthy lifestyles as well as building the community.


The establishment of a Turf Research and Development Institute would provide for specific research into Australian conditions and the country’s needs, rather than the biased United States standards. Australia currently has no standards of its own. The Institute will enable all turf managers, green keepers and local sporting clubs to have the best advice available. The Institute would also enable these to send in samples of pests, insects and disease for identification and to be informed of the best course of action.

– Test Construction methods for stability to best suit a particular sport’s needs, taking into account the location, conditions, rainfall and water availability and quality.

– Assess the suitability of chemical inputs such as harmful fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and fumigants, discovering safer and more efficient ways to establish and maintain turf for the sportsperson and the person in charge of turf maintenance.

– Work with turf input manufacturers to test and aid in the development of products, and advise manufacturers and industries of findings.

– Coordinate the relationship between sporting bodies and medical professionals to investigate the relationship between injury, the stability of the turf profile, the needs of the sport and the location of the sports club/facility. Findings in this area will greatly assist the establishment of official construction and maintenance standards for the safety of every sport at all levels (at the moment there are no Australian standards).

– Educate sporting bodies and process their feedback and needs.