Small Business

The DLP is strongly committed to small business. We believe the following policies will help small businesses across Australia:


Big business and government trading terms for supply of goods and services by a small business should not be any longer than 30 days standard trade (business size being defined by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)).

The Federal Government should pay the superannuation and WorkCover costs for a small business for the first 12 months that the business employs its first full time employee, to cover a wage of up to $48,000 per annum. Government should also administer superannuation and paid parental leave and stop small business having to carry out the functions of government.

Newly established small businesses should have a one year deferment on their company tax payment for the first seven years. The catch up period is then over the following five years. Company and income tax collection should also be reduced to quarterly time frames. Phase out payroll tax.

The Federal Government should establish local small business mentoring programs comprised of retired successful business owners and current small business owners who will be available to coach and advise small business owner/operators, and people wishing to establish a new small business.


There must be an equitable number of political party executives and candidates with small business experience.


The DLP firmly opposes undue and excessive Federal and State Government and local council bureaucracy for small business operators. Cut back on government agencies.  Cut further red tape by expanding the role of the Australian Small Business Commissioner. There must be a net reduction of government regulation in small business. Whenever new regulations are introduced, an equal number or more must be removed. Get business represented in Canberra, not Canberra represented in business


Employment Relations
Review the Fair Work act and Fair Work Australia to have it become a more balanced level of representation. Small business experience will be a prerequisite for inclusion on a minimum number of positions.

Conduct an entire review of the penalty rate system. Put in place realistic affordable rates. Penalty rates should be guaranteed but at an affordable level.

Legislate to allow for industry specific ‘piece meal’ wage arrangements. Do not cripple an industry
due to it being a specific seasonal cropping industry.