The DLP supports the building of new reservoirs for the conservation of water and to mitigate the damage by flooding.

The DLP will call for an immediate moratorium on the current Murray Darling Basin Plan (MDBP).

All water acts should be brought up for review.

An immediate cessation to all water buy-backs should be enacted.

There should be an intervention on all environmental flow programmes that have been enacted at the behest of the federal water bodies.

There should be an immediate cessation to all restraints removal programmes and studies.

A detailed and accurate report should be conducted and made public to establish the accurate level of all water storages that are relevant to those waters held and licensed on the behalf of the Commonwealth. (CHEW)

All government departments relevant to the MDBA should be reviewed, wound back and where possible disbanded.

Ongoing funding for water initiatives that have been enacted should be continued until a review that does not have a detrimental effect on involved stakeholders can be produced.

A complete review with the involvement of all bodies that are affected by a federal water plan should be recommenced and there will not be a sunset clause or completion date set down until a realistic timeframe can be recognised.

There should be legislation introduced that will set in place third party compensation for any person, entity, business or industry that is negatively impacted or HAS been impacted by the current or previous acts by any government decision/legislation since the MDBA process began.

Water should only be able to be owned by users and producers and not be able to be corporatised.

Water is an Australian asset and should be legislated to remain in Australian ownership.

Our Solution:

  • We will commence the construction of what is termed “Lock Zero”. This will be constructed between Wellington and Tailem Bend. Lock Zero will be used to regulate minimal freshwater flow into Lake Alexandrina.
  • Manipulate the barrages to control the water flow and allow the ocean to return the lower system to the estuarine system that nature created.
  • Dredge Bird Island downstream from the Mundoo Barrage.
  • Introduce an engineering solution in regard to the operation of the Goolwa barrage. This plan will free up 2700 gigalitres back upstream as fresh water for food production.