Population and Nation

The DLP believes in developing Australia, encouraging decentralisation, and natural justice for all Australians.



The DLP proposes a National Population Plan. This long-term plan is based on foreseeable strategic considerations and the need for growth. The Plan will:

• Decentralise projected growth away from major cities to regional areas;

• See the sustainable development of our inland, north and west;

• Target a long-term population growth rate of at least three per cent annually (figure including both natural increase and immigration);

• Expand family-based immigration to offset our declining birth rate and aging population;

• Balance our migrant intake based on criteria that will sustain long-term population growth and preclude racial, cultural or ethnic discrimination.



The DLP rejects politically imposed multiculturalism. Instead, we believe in fostering a cosmopolitan community.

Indigenous Australians are entitled to natural justice in their claims for:

• Access and title to historically authenticated tribal areas

• Respect for their cultural heritage and traditions

• Protection of genuine sacred sites and artefacts

Regarding mining and development, Indigenous title should be subject to the same privileges, restrictions and compensation rights that apply to title possessed by non-Indigenous Australians.

The DLP believes in fostering one national identity, one national allegiance for our citizens and the national flag.