Marriage and Family

The DLP is unwavering in its support for marriage and family, and acknowledges it as the foundation of our society and human thriving.

We support and promote the family as the best environment for the raising of children, the provision of health care, and the economic prosperity of local communities and the nation.

The DLP recognises the inherent problems within the Family Law Court system. We support the immediate overhaul of the system to promote fairer outcomes for all parties.

The DLP supports the implementation of an open adoption system in Australia. The DLP supports the expansion of overseas adoption programs.

The DLP opposes same sex civil unions and relationship registers.


We support and promote: 

  • Voluntary marriage between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, with an aspiration for a lifelong commitment.
  • Children being raised by their biological parents, both playing an active and supportive role where possible.
  • The rights of children, and the rights and duty of parents to discipline their children.
  • Responsibility in marriage and the obligations and love that sustain it.
  • The care for people lacking support of family or community; constructive marital relationships; or access to their biological identity.

We express solidarity with:

  • Women who find themselves struggling with an unintended pregnancy, or who have fallen victim to abortion
  • The dispossessed
  • Parents separated from their children
  • The abused


Family Impact Statements

The DLP strongly supports the call by Family First for a Family Impact Statement in all legislation.

At present, legislation presented to Parliament can be subject to a Financial Impact Statement, a Human Rights Impact Statement or an Environmental Impact Statement.

As families are the bedrock of our society, a Family Impact Statement should be required for all legislation and the results released publicly.


Free pre marriage education for couples

The DLP supports providing free pre marriage education for couples to reduce divorce.

The high number of divorces in our country could be reduced if couples were given in depth education about married life before entering into this lifelong commitment. So many marriages break down simply because the two people involved were unaware of the challenges that await them.


Child Care

The DLP supports the establishment of “Child Care Cooperatives” in which parents and carers are trained and certified to be “child carers” and “on duty one day in five” in exchange for child care services.