The DLP is unwavering in its support for the dignity of all people.

We support life from conception to natural death.

We look to what comprises and sustains the flourishing of all people.


The essential duties and rights each person owes and must respect in each other person include:

  • The duty to respect the gift of life.
  • The duty to respect and protect the Freedom of conscience.
  • The obligation to ensure equal treatment under the Law.
  • Respect for the ownership of private property and the right to earn a reasonable living.
  • Self determination for all people and families.


We support & promote:

  • Families and communities
  • Universal health care from conception to natural death
  • Appropriate housing and shelter for all
  • All people who are vulnerable, those who are in difficulty, the suffering or lonely


Our support can take many forms including providing palliative care, public housing and community reconciliation.


We oppose palliative care being utilised as a means of euthanasia and we support the right of staff to oppose to such practices.


We oppose the exploitation of the poor, the weak, the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the voiceless.