Foreign Affairs

The Indonesian government should immediately allow United Nations Observers and international journalists into the West Papuan provinces. The Indonesian Government should fully implement the special autonomy provisions enacted by their own laws in 2000 (so far only implemented in Ache) and remove all military personnel without delay. After a period of autonomy, a new vote for independence by the indigenous people of West Papua should occur.


We must ensure that a greater proportion of Australia’s aid provided to Indonesia goes to assist West Papuans, particularly for matters concerning poverty and health, such as combating the high level of HIV/AIDS.


Maintaining friendly relations with Indonesia is important. This can be achieved through mutual cooperation in matters of regional concern – particularly regional security – without compromising commitments to uphold human rights.


Funding for foreign aid should increase to a level that places Australia in the top 10 countries in terms of percentage of GDP committed to aid. Our foreign aid should be directed particularly to humanitarian and development projects in our region. A significant percent of all foreign aid should be provided by using Australian-made goods and services.


We believe in a consistent approach to imposing diplomatic, trade and cultural embargoes on regimes guilty of aggression, human rights abuses and breach of international law. Further, we support summary detention and timely execution of lawful warrants as to further detention, deportation, extradition or commitment for trial of any person residing or arriving in Australia reasonably suspected of:

  • involvement in terrorist activity
  • unlawful association with terrorists
  • representing any organisation or government lawfully proscribed for supporting or sponsoring terrorism