Coal Seam Gas Mining

The DLP believes that there should be an immediate moratorium on all Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining until independent scientific research, overseen by federal government representatives, can irrefutably prove it is entirely safe and harmless to the human population, concludes that there is no risk of contamination to our ground water aquifers and is entirely safe for the land and environment.

Further to this, all processes, material inputs and chemicals used in association with any form of CSG mining will be declared, itemised and will need to seek approval by the necessary regulatory bodies before permission for use would be granted. The CSG industry and all those associated would be required to act within all governing water acts and be responsible for applying for such necessary licences the same as any other water user. There would be no grounds for exemption in any circumstance. There needs to be a plan of action enforced to clean up any residual effects of any kind so far already created- that being on population or environmental. The DLP will be actively pursuing the above issues. We will not be simply taking a passive stand and making a statement, we WILL act in response to what has taken place to date and demand answers of an industry that so far appears to have been given a free ride in all its endeavours. With that said, the DLP welcomes industry and jobs for the betterment of Australia, we do not however welcome such things, at the potential health risk to our citizens or to the irreversible detriment of our environment

It should be noted that an overseeing group be set up within our government services to create and oversee the cessation of activities within this industry.