Parents are the primary educators of their children and are responsible for choosing the educational philosophy and environment which best suits their children’s needs.


The education of our future generations is one of the greatest responsibilities of our nation. This must be reflected in the treatment of teachers through appropriate salaries, which recognise their responsibilities.


We propose per capita voucher funding for all primary and secondary schooling. The parents of each child would receive a voucher reflecting the cost to the State of that child’s education, at that child’s year level and special needs. Each voucher would be redeemable at the parent’s choice of education provider (be it state, private or faith-based, or a home school). This safeguards the right of parents to choose, without financial penalty, the kind of education and moral upbringing for their children. It justly distributes taxes allocated for education, and provides equal treatment for all students at any age or year level.


We support the establishment of trade, technical and agricultural schools.

We recognise the essential economic, cultural and social support that Technical and Further Education (TAFE) brings to Australian communities and regions. We oppose the funding cuts being made by various state governments and we call for greater support for TAFE across Australia. Strong TAFE strengthens industries. Strong industries strengthen the economy. All TAFE courses should be consistently reviewed to ensure they remain relevant to industry needs.