Constitution and Democratic Rights

We believe in the principle that the citizens of Australia should be able to initiate the introduction of legislation that provides for the holding of a referendum to alter the Constitution. Closing the gap between the people of Australia and the most important legal document, the Constitution, which rules them, enhances democracy and allows for a more transparent and dynamic Australia.


We support the re-establishment of an upper house of parliament in Queensland, the only State Parliament which lacks a house of review.


Australia’s ratification of any United Nations or other international covenant must be revoked if it overrides the will of the Australian people, undermines established law or compromises the sovereignty of the Commonwealth or any State.


Any international treaty, agreement, or convention must be approved by both houses of the Australian Parliament before it is signed, ratified or adopted into law. The DLP calls for a Senate inquiry into international treaties, agreements and conventions, to examine their details and make them public.


We oppose any form of compulsory identification card or system. It would be an anti-democratic surveillance of our citizens.


A Bill of Rights is unacceptable, partly because it would render to un-elected judges the power to make final decisions on public and social policy.