New South Wales

State Executive Meetings

The newly elected NSW State Executive is in the process of determining a date for meetings most suitable for members. If you have a preference of day and time, please send your request to NSW President Dawn Willis: 0419 564 323 or



The NSW Democratic Labour Party (DLP) believes that we need better government.

The economic policies of the Liberal and National parties exploit workers, push small businesses out of the market, and see our farms sold overseas. The ALP has abandoned its working class background and founding principles in favour of the cultural Marxism and social engineering of the Greens. The NSW DLP seeks to represent the working class, small businesses, and farmers, by presenting a socially conservative alternative to the ALP. A labour party that can truly give a voice to ordinary Australians who are fed up with the current state of Australian politics.

The DLP was reformed in NSW in 2007 and has contested every federal election since.

The NSW DLP has an active and diverse executive and boasts of having over 900 members state-wide. We are aiming to establish local branches in federal electorates across the State and will be contesting the July 2nd double dissolution election in the hopes of winning a senate seat.

If you would like to know more about the NSW DLP, please contact State Secretary Boutros Zalloua.