DLP for Western Metropolitan

DLP-ad-RachelMake a difference with your vote in Melbourne’s West.

Rachel has worked in the welfare field since she was 17, and is passionate about supporting the least, the lost and the last.

Rachel holds a PhD in social sciences, where she studied social movements supporting people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians and women in Australia.



The Democratic Labour Party is about:

The flourishing of families; all mums, dads, children, grandparents

The dignity of workers; fair wages and conditions, job creation and job security

Defending small business from big business, bureaucracy and the Greens

Standing up for our best traditions, social justice and a fair go for all including the most vulnerable in our society

Long term vision and policies for building Australia and making our communities a better place


Vote for the labour party that upholds our best traditions, values and principles. Vote DLP.