We must back our students

The formation of undergraduate students is a time of utmost importance for both the students and the future of the nation. The DLP believes that certain changes must be made to the  Social Security Act 1991 to ensure equitable access to university education and to increase the quality of life for our students.

These changes include:

  • Raising the level of student income support payments to the Henderson poverty line
  • Increasing the parental means test threshold to the level of Average Weekly Earnings
  • Lowering the age of independence from 22 to 18
  • Reintroducing Centrelink counters at university campuses


Currently, student income support payments are at less that 70% of the Henderson poverty line. This is a shameful way of treating our nation’s future.

Lowering the age of independence to 18 will make means testing fairer – there are many students under the age of 22 who are financially independent because their parents cannot afford the costs incurred by tertiary education.

Having Centrelink counters at university campuses will be of immense benefit to students who are often tied to tight weekly schedules, as well as cut the waiting queues at Centrelink offices.


The DLP also believes in retaining Start Up Scholarships, as these play an important role in easing the burden of costs that students are faced with at the start of each semester.


Our students deserve a fair go. The best investment any government can make is in the future of its nation.


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