Small business policies by small business people

The DLP is the party of small business people. Senator John Madigan has over 25 years experience operating a small business. Federal Secretary and Victorian senate candidate Mark Farrell has over 16 years experience. Indeed, they are exemplary of the bulk of the Party’s membership. It is within the context of first-hand experience in small business that has lead to the formulation of the DLP’s small business policy.

The DLP believes that big business and government trading terms for the supply of goods and services by a small business should be no longer than 30 days standard trade.

Too often, small businesses are ripped off by big business. One common example is when a big business unfairly delays payment to a small business which has provided goods and/or services. This is one of the biggest obstacles small businesses face when trying to improve cash flow, which is crucial for survival and investment. DLP members have experienced this problem first-hand, so they have formulated a policy solution.

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