Media Release – DLP Vindicated with AEC Registration

DLP Media Release – AEC reregistration 11 March 2016 (PDF version)

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Scully branch established

The 3rd of 12 Victorian local branches was established on Thursday 3rd March. The 118 members of the Hotham, Goldstein and Melbourne Ports federal electorates are now members of the Scully branch. The members chose the name in honour of the last surviving parliamentarian from the 1955 split, Frank Scully, who passed away last year.

Congratulations to the Scully branch office bearers:

President Vince Stefano, Secretary Michael Toby and Assistant Secretary / Treasurer Elena Perrotta.

The next branch to be formed will be branch 8 covering the electorates of Gorton, Maribyrnong, Lalor and Gellibrand. The meeting will be held on March 31st and all of the 107 members in those electorates will be notified of the venue shortly.

It’s intended that another 4 branches will be formed in April bringing the total number of established Victorian local branches to 8 out of 12. With any luck all 12 branches will be formed before the date of the State Conference in June.

Senator Joe Bullock – A Truly Great Man

Joe BullockThe Democratic Labour Party has always acknowledged honesty, integrity and courage wherever it is found.

In forcing their members, whether parliamentary or ordinary, to accept same sex marriage and denying them the most fundamental right of conscience, the ALP has chosen a path that is designed to drive every ethical member out of their party.

Australia has few men and women in public office who are prepared to stand up for the principles held so dear by the overwhelming majority of Australians; those without a voice in the modern Parliament. It’s for this reason the loss of Senator Bullock should be mourned by all right thinking and ethical people.

It’s the highest accolade the DLP can offer to say that we would be proud to have a fellow Labour man like Joe Bullock in our ranks.

The DLP Federal Executive wishes Senator Bullock and his family all the best for the future.

Steve Campbell
Federal Secretary


Click to view Senator Joe Bullock’s Valedictory Speech

DLP regains federal registration

We are extremely pleased that the Australian Electoral Commission has set aside its original decision and has re-registered the DLP.

The official details are yet to be received from the AEC but they will be posted as soon as they arrive.


Victorian branch establishment: two down, ten to go

The second of the 12 newly created Victorian Local Branches has now been established.

The Ballarat – Bendigo Branch of the DLP was officially formed in a meeting of members held on Thursday 14 January 2016.

Congratulations to the new office bearers:

President: Clara Geoghegan
Secretary: Frances Beaumont
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Carmel Kavanagh

The branch is already springing into action and will have its next meeting on Thursday 4 February. All Ballarat and Bendigo members are invited to attend that meeting. The naming of the branch will take place on that day.

With a Federal Executive meeting coming up in Adelaide in two weeks time, the Victorian Branch establishment will be put on hold until February. It’s expected that three more branches will be established in February and another two in March.

Our aim of having all 12 branches up and running by June looks like a reality.


Steve Campbell
Federal Secretary

Federal re-registration of the DLP: update

As members know, the DLP was de-registered by the AEC early last year for not demonstrating that we had at least 500 members. However, with over 2500 members nationally we immediately appealed that decision.

Due to electoral laws the AEC cannot review anything to do with party registration between the time writs are issued for an election and returned. In August, the Canning by-election writs were issued and were due to be returned by 25 November. Unfortunately, before the writs were returned Joe Hockey decided to leave parliament and the writs were issued for the North Sydney by-election.

These writs were finally returned on 23 December. As the AEC were closed for the Christmas period, they could not attend to our appeal until they reopened on 4 January.

The AEC has advised that they have now recommenced work on our appeal and will shortly set a date for a review of their original decision by a three person commission. Once that review is completed, the AEC will advise the DLP of the result. We are hopeful that the decision will be favourable and will advise all members as soon as word comes through.


Steve Campbell
Federal Secretary

DLP in 2015: Summary of Rachel Carling-Jenkins’ work in parliament and the community

As 2015 comes to a close, here is a summary of some of the work that the DLP has been doing in the Parliament of Victoria, through our member Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins. Rachel has now spent one year in office, having been elected to the Victorian Legislative Council (upper house) at the 2014 Victorian State Election. The DLP is extremely pleased with Rachel’s high work ethic and unfailing commitment to DLP principles and to workers, families, communities and life. Thank you, Rachel, for the tremendous work you have done so far, and all the very best for 2016!


DLP introduces Infant Viability Bill into Victorian Parliament

Seven years after Victoria introduced the most extreme abortion laws in the world, the DLP, less than a year after being elected, is delivering on its election promise to begin the process of remedying these laws. In October, Rachel introduced the Infant Viability Bill, a “Bill for an Act to ensure the provision of access to holistic care and support to pregnant women and preborn children so as to promote infant viability, to amend the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 and Crimes Act 1958, to make consequential amendments to certain other Acts and for other purposes.” Under this Bill:

  1. Abortions would no longer be allowed from the 24th week of pregnancy
  2. Infant viability will be promoted and supported (all infants born alive form the 24th week of pregnancy onwards, including as the result of a medical emergency, must be cared for with the intent to save the infant’s life if at all possible)
  3. Mothers who present in distress to their doctor in this later stage of pregnancy, must be offered practical support. For example, a referral to a pregnancy support service offering holistic care (such as counselling, social and practical support)
  4. Penalties will be introduced for physicians who breach the new laws and for medical facilities in which the laws are breached. Mothers will not be criminalised or face any penalties.

Debate on the bill will take place in 2016. Keep a close on this website or for updates.


DLP establishes inquiry to improve perinatal services

In September, Rachel succeeded with her motion to establish an inquiry on the health, care and wellbeing of mothers and babies in Victoria during the perinatal period. Throughout the year, Rachel has visited hospitals, held discussions with doctors, nurses and mothers, and reviewed the academic literature on this matter. It became very clear that an inquiry was needed to address a range of issues, gaps, deficiencies and disparities to ensure that all mothers and their babies in Victoria are able to receive nothing less than world best practice during the perinatal period. The DLP received support for this initiative from the Minister for Health as well as the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

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DLP succeeds in boosting the level of government procurement from disability enterprises

In June, Rachel succeeded with her motion in parliament to boost the level of procurement from Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs). People with a disability make a significant contribution to Victoria and ADEs supply high quality products and services. However, Many ADEs have been experiencing acute financial pressure due to the challenges of providing tailored employment for people with a disability in a highly competitive environment. Organisations like National Disability Services have been advocating for quite some time for a greater level of Victorian Government procurement from ADEs. This is an important step forward in ensuring that the employment opportunities for people with disabilities are emphasised and expanded.

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DLP fighting for workers against unscrupulous contractors

In May, Rachel called on the Treasurer to examine the current tendering system to ensure that Victoria’s construction companies and contractors are given a fair chance at winning a contract on a level playing field. Unscrupulous operators have not been providing their employees with the correct wage, entitlements and conditions by getting them to set up their own ABNs. This has enabled them to win tenders by putting in much cheaper bids. This has come at a huge economic and social cost for hundreds, if indeed not thousands, of Victorian workers. Pleasingly, the Victorian Government responded positively and has launched an inquiry.

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DLP combatting homelessness

Throughout the year, Rachel has advocated for the establishment of crisis accommodation in the Wyndham local council area within her electorate. Working with members of the H3 Wyndham Alliance (an alliance of organisations committed to addressing homelessness in Wyndham), Rachel called upon the Government to seriously consider and act upon the Alliance’s proposal for a crisis intervention and service hub. We are pleased that the Government has responded (albeit with only a small step forward) to begin the process of funding the Alliance’s proposal. No person should have to experience homelessness because of a lack of emergency accommodation.

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DLP succeeds in fight for fair and unbiased funding for non-government schools

In February, the Victorian Government introduced legislation to guarantee a minimum amount of government funding for non-government schools. However, the Minister for Education would have been able to impose whatever conditions on funding he decided were ‘reasonable conditions’. Thanks to the DLP’s efforts and following intense negotiations with the Minister, the Victorian Government agreed to abide by all the major principles we put forward. Most importantly, the Government put a guarantee on the record that conditions will not be imposed that would intentionally oppose any of the fundamental principles, objectives or governing laws of the non-government schools under consideration for funding. Further, the School Policy and Funding Advisory Council will now comprise representatives from the Catholic Education Commission and Independent Schools Victoria nominated by those organisations, rather than appointed by the Education Minister.


DLP stops push to legalise euthanasia and turns it into important end-of-life inquiry

In May, the DLP worked hard to ensure that motions supporting euthanasia by the Greens and Australian Sex Party either lapsed or were left useless. This was achieved following negotiations with the Government to instead support an inquiry that would look into end-of-life issues more holistically and address pressing issues in palliative care, advanced care directives, and elder abuse. Similar inquiries in other states and jurisdictions, when sufficiently resourced to give proper consideration to all evidence brought before it, have strongly recommended against legalising euthanasia. Click to view Rachel’s contribution to this debate.


DLP speaks out against false narrative behind “Safe Access Zones” bill

In November the Victorian parliament passed a law that essentially criminalises all forms of pro-life activity within 150 metres of any premises at which abortions take place, including GP clinics that dispense RU486. Any activity which causes intimidation or distress to a person in the zone can be reported to the police, and the offenders can be charged as much as 120 penalty units (over $18,000) or up to 12 months imprisonment. Despite many important questions remaining unanswered, including a lack of clarity over whether or not the act of praying in the zone could constitute an offence, the bill was supported by a vast majority of upper house MPs. Only a small handful, included Rachel, voted against the bill. The DLP maintains that the narrative underlying this bill is based largely on a false narrative.

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DLP succeeds in achieving funding for community development

In May, Rachel advocated for the Werribee Football Club’s redevelopment of their home ground facilities. Since 2008 the club has been working with Wyndham City Council, the AFL and AFL Victoria to obtain the funding required to appropriately renovate and upgrade its home facilities at Avalon Airport oval. However, uncertainty about whether or not the government would chip in to support the project left the club in limbo. Rachel lobbied the Minister for Sport to provide a clear commitment on the provision of funding to this project. In October, the Government followed through and provided the funding to see the project realised. The redevelopment will benefit not only the club but also the wider community by bringing facilities up to modern standards, incorporating community spaces and enabling the hosting of first division women’s and girls’ matches and finals. Many community groups are already waiting to use the redeveloped facilities, and no longer will female umpires have to change in the toilets as there will now be female changing rooms. This redevelopment will be a huge boost for the local community.


Some more of the work in parliament:

Safety in the Workplace for Disability Support Workers

Disability Services and Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Transparency and Accountability around funding from Kew Residential Services Redevelopment  and

Advocating for appropriate Police Resources in Wyndham

Improving Access to Services for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Tribute to former DLP MP Frank Scully

Democratic Labour Party’s 60 Year Anniversary

Voicing concerns about the Safe Schools Coalition Program

Debate on the Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015

Exposing the lack of consultation in the scrapping of Special Religious Instruction

Social Procurement Strategies for Councils

Men’s Mental Health

Solidarity with West Papuans


Parliamentary Committees

Rachel has served as a member of two parliamentary committees: the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, and the Economy and Infrastructure Committee. These committees have worked on a number of important inquiries this past year, including the 2015-16 Budget Estimates, the Performance Audit of VAGO 2015-16, and the Inquiry into Infrastructure Projects.


Community Engagement

Throughout the year, Rachel has visited many organisations, industries, services and constituents in her electorate and indeed across Victoria to gain a deeper understanding of the issues they face. Some of these include the Newborn Intensive and Special Care Unit at the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Victorian forestry and timber industry, disability services and enterprises, the Werribee Football Club, the Bus Association and CDC Victoria, the Sunshine branch of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, child and family health services, the Wyndham Community and Education Centre, residential services, conferences, forums, rallies, and many meetings with constituents and lobby groups.


Local branches in Victoria get up and running

By DLP Federal Secretary Steve Campbell


Chifley Branch up and sprinting

Thursday night, December 17th, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins and I attended the formation meeting for the new Branch 4, covering the federal electorates of Bruce, Holt, Isaacs and Dunkley. The members chose to name the branch in honour of the great Ben Chifley, the last Prime Minister of our Party before the ALP split from us.

Congratulations to the new Chifley executive, President Geraldine Gonsalves, Secretary Peter Phillips and Treasurer Andrew Rabel.

With already about 130 members, the branch looks to have a promising future. I’m looking forward to a lot of activity especially in the area of membership recruitment. There is also plenty of scope for some great social events as well.

I think we are going to see some heavy campaigning here in the Federal election.

Ballarat-Bendigo coming up fast

Next cab off the rank will be Branch 12 covering the electorates of Ballarat and Bendigo. With some of the party’s most industrious and imaginative members residing in these electorates it promises to be a colourful meeting and an eventful 2016. Rachel and I will be there and hoping to see all the members.

The rest are close behind

The following branches will also be established by mid-March 2016.

Branch 5 – Electorates of Goldstein, Hotham & Melbourne Ports

Branch 6 – Electorates of Kooyong, Higgins, Melbourne & Chisholm

Branch 8 – Electorates of Lalor, Gorton, Maribyrnong & Gellibrand

Branch 9 – Electorates of Corio and Corangamite

The State Executive hopes to have the remaining 6 branches established by the middle of the year. At that time all Victorian members will be covered by active branches and ready to launch into action during the election campaign.

Great to see the party branches being re-established on such a solid footing.


Steve Campbell

Federal Secretary

Victorian Parliament passes legislation that bans peaceful pro-life advocates within 150m of abortion clinics

In the very early hours of Friday morning 27th November, the Victorian parliament passed a law that essentially criminalises all forms of pro-life activity within 150 metres of any premises at which abortions take place, including GP clinics that dispense RU486.

Under the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Safe Access Zones) Bill 2015, any activity which causes intimidation or distress to a person in the zone can be reported to the police, and the offenders can be charged as much as 120 penalty units (over $18,000) or up to 12 months imprisonment.

Despite many important questions remaining unanswered, including a lack of clarity over whether or not the act of praying in the zone could consitute an offence, the bill was supported by a vast majority of upper house MPs (30). There is no doubt that this is a blatant attack on fundamental liberties; there is no balance struck between competing rights what-so-ever.

Apart from our very own Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, only 7 other MPs voted against the bill: four Liberals and three crossbenchers.

DLP Federal Secretary Mr Stephen Campbell has denounced the legislation as “one more step along the road of the abolition of democratic rights”.

“While we would expect this from a socially destructive group like the Greens, I would have hoped that in the last 60 years the ALP would have learned something about the dangers of aligning themselves with extreme left-wing ideologies – obviously, that was a forlorn hope. The DLP will never accept this unjust legislation and will work to overturn it at every opportunity,” Mr Campbell said.

Click here to read the Rachel Carling-Jenkins’ contribution to the debate

If you haven’t already, please sign up to Rachel Carling-Jenkins’ E-Newsletter for the latest news about the work the DLP is doing in the Victorian parliament.

DLP Polls well in Polwarth By-Election

DLP candidate Carmel Kavanagh has polled well at the Polwarth By-Election last Saturday, with a primary vote of 8.10% with 85% of votes counted. This places the DLP 4th out of the 8 candidates contesting the seat.

This is the DLP’s second best primary vote in a lower-house result in recent years, following a primary vote of 11% reached in the Lyndhurst By-Election in 2013.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our volunteers who gave up their time to hand out how-to-votes, despite the elements, which included a burning sun and stormy rain.

The DLP ran on a platform that included funding for local roads, improved health services, more train services from Warrnambool to Geelong and the promotion of local jobs and businesses.

In case you missed the live recording of the Polwarth candidates forum, you can listen to the recordings here:

Polwarth District

Polwarth District

Carmel Kavanagh (R) with NAT Danny O'Brien, AC Geoff Rogers and LIB Richard Riordan

Carmel Kavanagh (R) with NAT David O’Brien, AC Geoff Rogers and LIB Richard Riordan

Carmel Kavanagh with DLP MP Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins

Carmel Kavanagh with DLP MP Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins