DLP calls for all political parties to join nation-wide Solidarity Day in support of West Papuans on December 1st

Click here for full media release: Premier Andrews called to support Solidarity for West Papuans

Excerpt below:

The Democratic Labour Party Member of Parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins today introduced a motion into the Victorian State parliament calling for:

“the Government to show support for the plight of the people of West Papua by establishing a West Papuan Solidarity Day, including a public raising of the Morning Star Flag, commencing Thursday, 1 December 2016 and continuing on 1 December each year until the United Nations free vote is held.”

Dr Carling-Jenkins advised the parliament that: “West Papua was forcibly annexed by Indonesia in 1962 and since that time the West Papuan people have suffered from atrocities such as torture, murder, rape, oppression, forced removal of their children, and other crimes against humanity by the Indonesian authorities.

The Democratic Labour Party Federal Secretary, Stephen Campbell, states that the DLP believes there has been a decades long cover up by consecutive Australian governments who have turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the West Papuan people in return for favourable treatment by the Indonesian government.

“Surely history has taught us that no good can come by ignoring the sufferings of oppressed people” Mr Campbell stated.

“How can we, as Australians, deal with any nation who can invade a neighbouring country then treat the citizens of that country with the sort of inhumane treatment the Indonesians have handed out to the West Papuans? Has East Timor taught us nothing?”

The Democratic Labour Party is calling for all political parties to join them in their call for a nation-wide Solidarity Day in support of the West Papuans on December 1st.

“The DLP will be contacting every party in this country and asking for them to turn up with their supporters in every capital city in Australia on December 1st” Mr Campbell said.

“This is one time when party politics must disappear. None of us should seek anything except justice for the West Papuan people and the full compassion of the Australian people.”

Vereker a strong advocate for regional Victoria

Victorian DLP Senate Candidate Stephen Vereker has pledged that he will be a strong and persistent advocate for federal funding for long overdue better recreation and healthcare facilities in neglected regional and metro areas across Victoria.

See article, ‘Campaigning for the senate’, Moorabool News, 14 June, page 15. 

Mandurah teacher quits for DLP senate bid

We wish our lead senate candidate for WA, Fernando Bove, all the very best for a successful campaign!

See article:

Mandurah teacher quits for DLP senate bid, Bunbury Mail

DLP Launches Campaign in Victoria

The DLP has launched its Victorian federal election campaign in Melbourne, with members and supporters coming from all over greater Melbourne as well as regional areas such as Ballarat and Warrnambool.

In addition to the members present, a substantial number at the event were new to the DLP, emphasising the growing support for the DLP from those disillusioned with the major parties who have abandoned their traditional values and voter base.

Well known Victorian DLP State Member of Parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, gave a powerful introductory speech, which was followed by an inspiring campaign opening/kick-off speech by the Lead Senate Candidate for Victoria, Mr Stephen Vereker. The words ‘Vote 1 DLP’ were literally the icing on the cake (see pictures) for this successful campaign opening event.

Some of the DLP election policies being promoted in Victoria include:

  • protecting traditional marriage via Referendum
  • abolishing the unsafe ‘Safe Schools’ program and replacing it with an appropriate anti-bullying program (such as the RULER program) that is proven and not driven by controversial gender ideology (see more)
  • increasing taxation levels for foreign investors of Australian residential property
  • removal of taxpayer funding for late-term abortion
  • a fair and equitable trade system that gives the greatest benefit to Australian manufacturers and farmers – no free trade agreements should be signed unless imports meet all Australian standards (see more)
  • No union affiliation – union members should have the right to contract without paying political affiliation fees (see more)

For all DLP policies, click here

  • Victorian Federal Campaign Launch 2016

The Safe Schools Program, Communism, and the DLP

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was born out of the need to protect Australians from the increasing presence of communist influence within the labour movement back in the 1950s.

Communist ideologues infultrated trade unions affiliated with the ALP and were able to dictate ALP policy in critical areas, which in those days included matters of foreign affairs and defence.

Dozens of ALP parliamentarians put their careers on the line by taking a principled stand in defending the labour movement from communism. They knew what was at stake; they knew that labour movement traditions of democracy, justice and fairness had been subverted.

Today’s DLP continues the fight of its predecessors.

One might have thought that the fall of communism in the late 1980s and early 1990s would have abolished the need for the DLP to ever exist again.

However, the current controversy surrounding the ‘Safe Schools’ program and the recent suspension of the program’s chief architect and public face Roz Ward, proves that the opposite is in fact true.

Courtesy David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Courtesy Divid Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The program, which is endorsed and financially supported by the Victorian ALP Government as an anti-bullying program, has come under heavy public scrutiny in recent weeks as its content and true intentions have been slowly unearthed.

Far from being an anti-bullying program, ‘Safe Schools’ has been found to be stringently ideologically driven in its teaching of a contested and controversial form of gender ideology, and there is now widespread awareness that it has social re-engineering as its ultimate purpose.

Ms Ward is a seasoned Marxist activist, and her Marxist leanings have been well-known. However, as the program’s content and true purpose was unveiled, and following some radical comments she posted on social media, Ms Ward resigned from her advisory role with the Victorian government and was suspended by her employer, La Trobe University.

Further, Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham has called for Ms Ward to step down from the national steering committee for Safe Schools Coalition Australia, which has already severed its ties with the Victorian branch.

Clearly, the influence of radical left-wing ideology is still alive and well in Australia. ‘Safe Schools’ is nothing other than a continuation of the Marxist quest to destroy traditional structures and values, without you knowing about it and while you pay for it, under the guise of anti-bullying.

The bullying of any child, for any reason, is undesirable and unacceptable. Equally undesirable and unacceptable, is the indoctrination of our children in our schools by programs driven by radical ideologies, used as a platform for Marxist social engineering.

Clearly, the DLP still has a relevant purpose to serve, and it’s a very important one. This election, make your vote count. Vote Democratic Labour Party.

Investing superannuation funds in a way that most benefits Australia

The commencement of infrastructure projects is vital for Australia, yet we are hampered by debt and the lack of capital for long-term investments.

One way of providing such capital is by directing superannuation funds into infrastructure projects that are of long-term national interest.

Courtesy of dream designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Courtesy of dream designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Employers are required by law to contribute 9 per cent (in some cases more) of each worker’s salary to a fund – in other words a tax levied for the express purpose of self-funding retirement benefits.

These funds choose to invest the proceeds wherever, and however, they want. Much of the proceeds are invested overseas, where the risk can be much more difficult to assess and which generates no home-grown advantages.

There is no obligation to invest even part of their funds, or at least to give preference to investing part of their funds, in infrastructure projects that directly benefit the Australian economy and employment.

Further, of the many billions of dollars held by superannuation funds, very little is re-invested back into the regions.

Surely it is perfectly reasonable for people living in rural and regional Australia to desire to ensure, that the superannuation that each person contributes to, should be equitably re-invested into that part of the country that they are living and employed in?

The Democratic Labour Party believes that this is an area that merits significant consideration, and will support ways that encourage funds to invest in Australian infrastructure projects, and in regional and rural Australia.

To view the DLP’s full superannuation policy, click here.

We are the pro-family party and here’s the proof

Both the Liberal Party and the ALP talk about being pro-family but the simple fact is that they are not.

They give nothing but lip service to the importance of the family.

Whether it be their leaders marching in the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras, professing their support for same-sex marriage, doing nothing to make changes to the income tax system to allow a parent to stay at home, or standing idly by and letting our children be indoctrinated in our schools with Marxist and anti-family propaganda, both the Libs and the ALP are not fair dinkum about supporting the traditional family.

The Democratic Labour Party, on the other hand, has always been pro-family and we have policies that recognise the family as the foundation of our civil society.

Using the income tax system to allow for stay-at-home parents

Courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Liberals and the ALP have done nothing to use the tax system to promote the ability for families to have one parent stay at home, not have to work and instead devote their energies to raising a family.

The DLP will introduce income tax splitting to allow the income of the working parent to be split with the stay-at-home parent for tax purposes, thereby giving them more after-tax income and removing the need for both parents to work.

Only the Democratic Labour Party is committed to changing the way the tax system unfairly and inequitably penalises families.

Maintaining the institution of traditional marriage

If either the Liberals or ALP gain control of the Senate with the Greens at the next election, then same-sex marriage will become a reality.

The Democratic Labour Party will defend and stand up for the institution of marriage being exclusively between a man and a woman. Only the DLP will make sure that the Marriage Act remains unchanged.

Protecting family values

Both the Liberals and the ALP support the Safe Schools program which is being used by socially radical groups as a way to indoctrinate our children into accepting ideologies and causes that are controversial and simply anti-family.

It’s not a matter of parents having a right to withdraw their child from classes dealing with such matters. Children should simply not be indoctrinated with radical social re-engineering in the first place.

The Democratic Labour Party will scrap the Safe Schools program and ensure that our schools are never again used as a platform for social engineering designed to denigrate those institutions which put the family at the centre of our society.

Instead, the DLP will promote proven anti-bullying programs that will not be used as a means to indoctrinate radical social ideology, and which will teach our children emotional intelligence, such as the RULER Program from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

This election, make your vote count. Vote Democratic Labour Party.

Update on Victorian Local Branch Establishment

The fourth of 12 Victorian local branches has now been established.
The federal electorates of Melbourne, Kooyong, Chisholm and Higgins have been established as the McManus branch, named after Victorian Senator Frank McManus.
Congratulations to the new office bearers:
President- Chris Blackburn
Secretary – Lucia De Summa
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Anne-Maree Quinn
The branch covering the electorates of Lalor, Gorton, Maribyrnong and Gellibrand as well as the branch covering the electorates of Corio and Corangamite will also be up and running over the next month.

Rally to support the Infant Viability Bill!

Please show your support for the Infant Viability Bill by attending this rally on Saturday 21 May, 2pm outside the front of Victorian Parliament.


Infant Viability Bill – Powerful Second Reading Speech calls for Life-Affirming Culture

The DLP’s Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins has delivered a powerful Second Reading Speech for the Infant Viability Bill in the Victorian Parliament.

In what is a very comprehensive speech, Dr Carling-Jenkins makes an appeal for a life-affirming culture as she exposes the flaws of the current system, and explains how the various aspects of the bill will make important reforms to the way mothers and their viable children are treated and cared for.

Click here to view speech 

The bill is receiving widespread support from the community and from both sides of the political spectrum. Over 42,000 signatures have been collected on hard copy petitions in support of the bill, and a Galaxy undertaken in March sows that 64 per cent of Victorians oppose abortion post 20-weeks.

For more information, see www.infantviability.org.au 


Show your support for the Infant Viability Bill by joining a peaceful rally on Saturday 21 May, 2pm outside the front of Parliament House.