The Democratic Labour Party is hoping to register for the Tasmanian State Election which is to be held by May 2018,

Its been many years since we stood in a Tasmanian State election but with the growth of the party in recent years its time we reentered the fight. 

The Australian Christians and Family First have been absorbed by the Australian Conservatives who have not registered for the next Tasmanian State election. This leaves no Christian pro-life parties to defend the rights of all Tasmanians except the DLP.  

As a supporting member you will help the Tasmanian branch of the DLP become registered and to run candidates. You will also be entitled to nominate as a candidate for the next State and federal elections. 

New Tasmanian members are not required to pay a fee for the first 12 months of their supporting membership.

To become a supporting member please join online at www.dlp.org.au/join/

Further details can be obtained by contacting the Tasmanian State Secretary at tassec@dlp.org.au