DLP Launches Campaign in Victoria

The DLP has launched its Victorian federal election campaign in Melbourne, with members and supporters coming from all over greater Melbourne as well as regional areas such as Ballarat and Warrnambool.

In addition to the members present, a substantial number at the event were new to the DLP, emphasising the growing support for the DLP from those disillusioned with the major parties who have abandoned their traditional values and voter base.

Well known Victorian DLP State Member of Parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, gave a powerful introductory speech, which was followed by an inspiring campaign opening/kick-off speech by the Lead Senate Candidate for Victoria, Mr Stephen Vereker. The words ‘Vote 1 DLP’ were literally the icing on the cake (see pictures) for this successful campaign opening event.

Some of the DLP election policies being promoted in Victoria include:

  • protecting traditional marriage via Referendum
  • abolishing the unsafe ‘Safe Schools’ program and replacing it with an appropriate anti-bullying program (such as the RULER program) that is proven and not driven by controversial gender ideology (see more)
  • increasing taxation levels for foreign investors of Australian residential property
  • removal of taxpayer funding for late-term abortion
  • a fair and equitable trade system that gives the greatest benefit to Australian manufacturers and farmers – no free trade agreements should be signed unless imports meet all Australian standards (see more)
  • No union affiliation – union members should have the right to contract without paying political affiliation fees (see more)

For all DLP policies, click here

  • Victorian Federal Campaign Launch 2016