Victory! DLP wins upper house seat in Victorian Election

It is now confirmed that the Democratic Labour Party has won an upper house seat in the 2014 Victorian State Election, with the election of Rachel Carling-Jenkins in the Western Metropolitan Region.

Following a devoted campaign by party members and volunteers, the DLP finished with the 6th highest primary vote against 15 other parties and received favourable preferences from several parties. All these elements combined ensured that the DLP filled the 5th and final vacancy of the upper house region.

RachelRachel has worked in the welfare sector since she was 17 and holds a PhD in social sciences, where she studied social movements supporting people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians and women in Australia.

Rachel is the 55th DLP parliamentarian (at state or federal level) and is the first female parliamentarian in the Party’s history. She is an ardent believer in DLP values and principles and will tirelessly promote these in the Victorian parliament.

This well deserved victory was made possible by the outstanding efforts put in by Rachel and her campaign team, the Victorian State Executive and most especially, our volunteers.

The DLP is extremely appreciative of everyone who took part in our Victorian state election campaign; even the smallest contribution was significant.





DLP a strong chance in Western Victoria and Western Metropolitan

The Democratic Labor Party is considered a strong chance to claim an upper house seat in Western Victoria and Western Metropolitan in this upcoming Victorian Election.

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Resignation: Senator John Madigan

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DLP preference deal lifts chances in Western Victoria

The DLP will be in the driver’s seat for Western Victoria, with preferences from the other two parties (Australian Christians and Rise Up Australia) redirected to the Democratic Labour candidate.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into the process and Western Victoria has been a key area for us for quite some time,” Victorian State Secretary Mr Michael Murphy said.

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DLP signs joint statement with Australian Christians and Rise Up Australia

Media Release

The Victorian Branch of the DLP today co-signed a “Public Assurance of Cooperation” with the Australian Christians and the Rise Up Australia Party.

Public Assurance2 Public Assurance

18 August 2014

Standing up for young workers

DLP Senator John Madigan has denounced Family First Senator Bob Day’s idea that young people should be allowed to opt out of the Fair Work system as an ”unbridled social experiment” that would pit middle-aged Australians against the young.

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Madigan: budget lacking in logic, heart, transparency and hope

In a wide-ranging interview with the ABC, Victorian DLP senator John Madigan said the Treasurer must rethink the budget.

“This budget, from my perspective and [that of] a lot of other people I have spoken to from various walks of life, is lacking in logic, it is lacking in heart, it is lacking in vision, transparency. It is predominately ideologically driven, short-sighted and it does not offer much hope to people, young or old.”

Senator Madigan mentioned that he will be suggesting alternatives to some aspects of the budget to the Treasurer.

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Victorian Branch elects new State Executive

Media Release

1 August 2014

Senator Madigan: summary of March activities

Below is a summary of the main activities and points of interest of Victorian DLP Senator John Madigan for the month of March.


John speaks on the appalling state of the Family Court and demands action to fix this mess
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John urges fellow parliamentarians to support the children of war veterans, following news that the small benefit they receive is in danger of being cut
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John investigates intervention and influence by AGL over the formal, medical diagnostic process of doctors in regions containing wind farms


John demands urgent action for the health of the Anglesea River and its ecosystem, which is not only effecting the environment but also the local community and economy
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John speaks on the real state of manufacturing in Australia and the work he has been doing for the sector
and that
“politicians needs to stop mouthing the words they think will make people happy and start providing leadership and intelligent solutions”
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John insists on more government regulation and transparency of the 457 Visa scheme
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John calls for an immediate moratorium on all coal seam gas mining until independent scientific research can be completed
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DLP contesting WA Senate election

Adrian Good

Adrian Good

The DLP will be contesting the WA Senate election on Saturday 5th April.

The DLP’s Lead Senate Candidate is Adrian Good, who is currently an engineer after serving for 22 years in the Royal Australian Air Force. He understands what it means to serve and he will bring this quality to the Senate.

Mr Good is passionate about what is best for Australia, not foreign competitors, and the best interests of all who live in this great country, not an elite few.

Mr Good stands by the DLP demand for restrictions on the foreign ownership of our land, our housing and our industries.

He will support Victorian DLP Senator John Madigan’s legislation for Fair Trade rather than Free Trade, by reining in the rampant Free Trade Agreements that are destroying our manufacturing, wiping out jobs and wrecking our economy.

Together with Victorian DLP Senator John Madigan, Mr Good would share the balance of power. These two senators will use that power the way it should be used: to keep our government accountable, to review every piece of legislation fairly and to make sure that every Australian continues to have a voice in their Senate. They will represent the Families, Workers and Communities who are ignored by the major parties.

The WA Senate Election is hotly contested, with over thirty minor parties vying for one of the six seats up for grabs. This Senate-only election takes place following the 1,370 WA Senate ballot papers that went missing in last year’s federal election, making it impossible to determine who won the final two tightly-contested seats.

The DLP is group ‘AB’ on the senate ballot paper, positioned near the right-hand end.

If you have any queries, please contact Campaign Manager Steve Campbell on 0438 650 776 or send an email to