DLP Trade Policy: a fair and equitable system giving the greatest benefit to Australian manufacturers and farmers

The Democratic Labour Party believes in a fair and equitable trade system that gives the greatest benefit to Australian manufacturers and farmers.

The current system of Free Trade Agreements that largely replaced the previous tariff system has proved to be not only of no assistance to Australian industry but actually has a negative effect on the Australian economy by given the greatest advantage to foreign competitors over Australian businesses.

Decisions made by consecutive governments have stripped the Australian people of ownership of their own country.

A level playing field? Australian businesses pay superannuation, workers compensation, award wages and incur a dozen other costs to give our workforce a safe and secure environment. How many of our competitors incur the same costs? How many of them use workers as grist to the mill, provide no safety provisions, no superannuation, no leave and whose wage levels are barely high enough to meet daily costs?

Rather than opening our domestic markets to a Free Trade System, the Democratic Labour Party believes in a Fair Trade System that will assist to create a much more level playing field than the present FTAs .

The DLP will support fair trade legislation that protects Australian standards, workers’ rights, food standards, biosecurity and intellectual property.

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The DLP stands by Aussie farmers

The DLP has the policy model needed to revitalize and enshrine the future viability of our food production industry. 


The DLP’s policy for the citrus industry is as follows:


We will put an immediate ban on Brazilian concentrate.

We will also put a ban on any product coming from any nation that uses levels of chemical or any chemical that is disallowed in our own Australian production. E.g Endosulphans etc.

To reverse the current situation of anti-dumping laws, the onus of proof should be placed upon the overseas supplier/nation to prove that they are not dumping.

In the case of juice , there will have to be a minimum of 30% Australian product. This applies to the raw material. It does not extend to enable the incorporation of packaging etc.

There should be truth in labeling laws. This will go to the accurate stating of origin vs packaging etc.

Company tax will be paid on 50% of all capital and equipment purchases for the next 5 years. This effectively reduces the company tax to half for this portion of the liability.

Company tax will be deferred for 12 months which will restore a positive cash flow for the industry .

Selective tariffs will be introduced to protect the industry from overseas predatory behavior. This will be introduced with consultation with the grower bodies.

We will look at including up line sections of the industry to be included in this policy to enable the full benefit to the entire sector.