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Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney gives DLP special mention

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney has released its Federal Election Guide 2016 in which key Catholic concerns are pointed out.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher states,

“A Catholic conscience is always informed by a profound respect for the dignity of the human person, from conception until natural death, and for the common good of the community. Values we cherish are at stake in this election, including our religious freedom, the meaning of marriage, our treatment of those fleeing war and persecution, the right of parents to educate their children in a way which respects their religious and moral beliefs, and the responsibility to respect the dignity and innocence of children in their school environment.”

In the Guide, a ‘Special Note’ is made in relation to the Senate elections: “Parties which strongly defend the dignity of the human person in relation to life, marriage, family and religious freedom include the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the Family First Party (FFP).




DLP Launches Campaign in NSW

NSW Candidates Click here for full media release:
DLP NSW 2016 Campaign Launch

The NSW Democratic Labour Party (DLP) campaign was launched at Lambton Bowling Club on Saturday.

Senate candidates Paul McCormack and Dawn Willis, along with the candidate for Newcastle Stuart Southwell, announced several policies that the DLP will be pursuing in this election and in parliament if elected. Mr McCormack explained that, as it has been in the past, the DLP could once again be a responsible balance-of-power party in the Senate that placed the family and small business at the centre of Australia’s economy and society.

Housing affordability was raised as one of the most significant issues facing Australians, with Mr Southwell stating that “home ownership should not only be for the rich or two-income families.” The DLP announced it would reduce housing costs by restricting foreign investment into the Australian residential market through taxing foreign investors, with other measures to be investigated.

Senate candidate Dawn Willis spoke passionately about the DLP’s support for a plebiscite on marriage. The DLP provided the Liberal party with legislation calling for a Marriage referendum three days before former Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced his intention to seek a referendum or plebiscite on the matter. The DLP hopes to see that legislation brought up in the next parliament.

The “Safe Schools” program is also clearly in the sights of the DLP. Mr Southwell and Mrs Willis stated that, while youth suicide was a significant issue and bullying was never acceptable, “Safe Schools” had nothing to do with bullying and was simply designed to indoctrinate children into the radical sexual and gender ideology of the Greens. Mr Southwell also argued that the Greens’ education policies attacked the “right of parents to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”

Mr Southwell criticised political correctness, stating his concern that our society was starting to value “Freedom from speech more than freedom of speech.”

The Democratic Labour Party is in column H of the NSW senate ballot paper.

Vereker a strong advocate for regional Victoria

Victorian DLP Senate Candidate Stephen Vereker has pledged that he will be a strong and persistent advocate for federal funding for long overdue better recreation and healthcare facilities in neglected regional and metro areas across Victoria.

See article, ‘Campaigning for the senate’, Moorabool News, 14 June, page 15. 

Mandurah teacher quits for DLP senate bid

We wish our lead senate candidate for WA, Fernando Bove, all the very best for a successful campaign!

See article:

Mandurah teacher quits for DLP senate bid, Bunbury Mail

DLP Launches Campaign in Victoria

The DLP has launched its Victorian federal election campaign in Melbourne, with members and supporters coming from all over greater Melbourne as well as regional areas such as Ballarat and Warrnambool.

In addition to the members present, a substantial number at the event were new to the DLP, emphasising the growing support for the DLP from those disillusioned with the major parties who have abandoned their traditional values and voter base.

Well known Victorian DLP State Member of Parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, gave a powerful introductory speech, which was followed by an inspiring campaign opening/kick-off speech by the Lead Senate Candidate for Victoria, Mr Stephen Vereker. The words ‘Vote 1 DLP’ were literally the icing on the cake (see pictures) for this successful campaign opening event.

Some of the DLP election policies being promoted in Victoria include:

  • protecting traditional marriage via Referendum
  • abolishing the unsafe ‘Safe Schools’ program and replacing it with an appropriate anti-bullying program (such as the RULER program) that is proven and not driven by controversial gender ideology (see more)
  • increasing taxation levels for foreign investors of Australian residential property
  • removal of taxpayer funding for late-term abortion
  • a fair and equitable trade system that gives the greatest benefit to Australian manufacturers and farmers – no free trade agreements should be signed unless imports meet all Australian standards (see more)
  • No union affiliation – union members should have the right to contract without paying political affiliation fees (see more)

For all DLP policies, click here

  • Victorian Federal Campaign Launch 2016

Investing superannuation funds in a way that most benefits Australia

The commencement of infrastructure projects is vital for Australia, yet we are hampered by debt and the lack of capital for long-term investments.

One way of providing such capital is by directing superannuation funds into infrastructure projects that are of long-term national interest.

Courtesy of dream designs at

Courtesy of dream designs at

Employers are required by law to contribute a minimum of 9 per cent of each worker’s salary to a fund – in other words a tax levied for the express purpose of self-funding retirement benefits.

These funds choose to invest the proceeds wherever, and however, they want. Much of the proceeds are invested overseas, where the risk can be much more difficult to assess and which generates no home-grown advantages.

There is no obligation to invest even part of their funds, or at least to give preference to investing part of their funds, in infrastructure projects that directly benefit the Australian economy and employment.

Further, of the many billions of dollars held by superannuation funds, very little is re-invested back into the regions.

Surely it is perfectly reasonable for people living in rural and regional Australia to desire to ensure, that the superannuation that each person contributes to, should be equitably re-invested into that part of the country that they are living and employed in?

The Democratic Labour Party believes that this is an area that merits significant consideration, and will support ways that encourage funds to invest in Australian infrastructure projects, and in regional and rural Australia.

To view the DLP’s full superannuation policy, click here.