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Victorian branch establishment: two down, ten to go

The second of the 12 newly created Victorian Local Branches has now been established.

The Ballarat – Bendigo Branch of the DLP was officially formed in a meeting of members held on Thursday 14 January 2016.

Congratulations to the new office bearers:

President: Clara Geoghegan
Secretary: Frances Beaumont
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Carmel Kavanagh

The branch is already springing into action and will have its next meeting on Thursday 4 February. All Ballarat and Bendigo members are invited to attend that meeting. The naming of the branch will take place on that day.

With a Federal Executive meeting coming up in Adelaide in two weeks time, the Victorian Branch establishment will be put on hold until February. It’s expected that three more branches will be established in February and another two in March.

Our aim of having all 12 branches up and running by June looks like a reality.


Steve Campbell
Federal Secretary

Federal re-registration of the DLP: update

As members know, the DLP was de-registered by the AEC early last year for not demonstrating that we had at least 500 members. However, with over 2500 members nationally we immediately appealed that decision.

Due to electoral laws the AEC cannot review anything to do with party registration between the time writs are issued for an election and returned. In August, the Canning by-election writs were issued and were due to be returned by 25 November. Unfortunately, before the writs were returned Joe Hockey decided to leave parliament and the writs were issued for the North Sydney by-election.

These writs were finally returned on 23 December. As the AEC were closed for the Christmas period, they could not attend to our appeal until they reopened on 4 January.

The AEC has advised that they have now recommenced work on our appeal and will shortly set a date for a review of their original decision by a three person commission. Once that review is completed, the AEC will advise the DLP of the result. We are hopeful that the decision will be favourable and will advise all members as soon as word comes through.


Steve Campbell
Federal Secretary