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Infant Viability Bill Passes First Reading, while Greens and Sex Party Show their True Colour

DLP member for Western Metropolitan in the Victorian parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins has successfully introduced the Infant Viability Bill, with the bill’s 1st reading carried this afternoon.

This means the bill’s title is now listed on the Legislative Council’s notice paper, and the following long title was incorporated into hansard:

“A Bill for an Act to ensure the provision of access to holistic care and support to pregnant women and preborn children so as to promote infant viability, to amend the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 and Crimes Act 1958, to make consequential amendments to certain other Acts and for other purposes.”

The next step in the legislative process is the second reading speech, in which Dr Carling-Jenkins will outline the details of the bill and explain why it is needed. This is then followed by second reading debate, before being put to a vote. All this will take place at a later time.

Interestingly, the Greens and Sex Party called a division to vote against the first reading, something which is completely unconventional, disrespectful and undemocratic. Members of all other political persuasions could be heard jeering at the Greens and Sex Party for what they did.

What this demonstrated was a typical totalitarian attempt to shut down a member of parliament’s entitlement and duty to bring before the parliament an issue for debate, which that MP was elected to do!

The Democratic Labour Party was born out of a movement to combat totalitarianism. In the 1950s, totalitarianism came in the form of communism, with communists vying for power in the trade unions to dictate ALP policy. These days, totalitarianism manifests itself in the form of the Greens and the Sex Party, who apparently only support freedom of speech and protest if it is about something they support.

DLP to introduce Infant Viability Act in the Victorian Parliament

Seven years after Victoria introduced the most extreme abortion laws in the world, Democratic Labour Party MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins has drafted a private member’s bill that will wind back the more extreme elements of the law. This is the first formal attempt to change Victoria’s 2008 abortion reforms.

Under the proposal, abortion would not be allowed after the 20th week of pregnancy.

“This protects women from the awful physical and mental consequences of late-term abortion and it protects children,” Dr Carling-Jenkins said at the annual March for the Babies rally at Parliament on Saturday. “Women deserve better. Abortions don’t solve problems – they create them.”

Dr Carling-Jenkins said medical advances over the past few years had shown babies were viable at 24 weeks, and sometimes even younger. This proposal, if enacted into law, will protect preborn children from the age of viability.

Further, medical assistance must be provided to infants born alive as the result of a late-term termination. We know that there have been cases in Victoria – and indeed around Australia – where babies born as a result of a failed abortion have been left to die.

Dr Carling-Jenkins plans to introduce her bill – the Infant Viability Act – in the next sitting week of Parliament, which starts on October 20.

The Bill would provide penalties for physicians and clinics who breech the new rules. However, it will not punish women seeking abortions.

“Penalties will be introduced for physicians and clinics who contravene the law, but under no circumstances will I be advocating for the pregnant woman to be held liable,” Dr Carling-Jenkins said.