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Frank Scully passes away, aged 95 years

Francis ScullyIt is with great sadness we share the news that Frank Scully, the last surviving DLP member of the Victorian Parliament of the 28 MPs who split to form the ALP (Anti-Communist) in 1955, has passed away, aged 95 years.

Before joining the ALP(AC) which later became the DLP, Frank had been serving in the Cain Government as Assistant Minister of Lands, Assistant Minister of Electrical Undertakings, and Secretary to Cabinet.

Frank won Richmond in the Assembly as an ALP(AC) candidate in 1955 and served one term, alongside 5 members in the Council. It was not until 2006 that the DLP was again elected to the Victorian Parliament.

A railway worker, Frank was active in the Australian Railways Union Industrial Group. Frank was also a member of the Catholic Social Studies Movement (“The Movement”) in Victoria.

The DLP extends its heartfelt condolences to all of Frank’s family and friends.

Frank’s courage and determination helped establish the DLP and for that he will never be forgotten.

May he rest in peace.

Media Release: On the Question of Marriage a Referendum is the Democratic Answer

DLP Media Reliease: On the Question of Marriage, a Referendum is the Democratic Answer


The Democratic Labour Party has thrown its full support behind the call for a referendum to resolve the ongoing debate on marriage.

DLP Federal Secretary Steve Campbell said the party believes this must be presented to the people of Australia.

“The Democratic Labour Party strongly supports Minister Scott Morrison’s call for a referendum to resolve the Marriage question once and for all.”

“We would also like to congratulate the Prime Minister for his strong stand and for demonstrating true leadership for his party and for the government.”

“Something as fundamental to the structure of the family and therefore of society itself cannot be decided on a vote by a handful of Parliamentarians, it can only be determined by the people, by society itself.”

“Surely those who have been telling us that 70 or 80% of Australians support same sex marriage would welcome the chance to be proven right, unless they think those figures may not be as accurate as previously stated.”

“If you ask any ordinary Australian, whichever side of the debate they take, every one of them believe a referendum is the fairest and most democratic way to end this debate once and for all.”

“The Federal DLP and its members Australia-wide have consistently expressed their support for Traditional Marriage. The DLP believes we should now enter a period of respectful discussion and debate, free from slurs and intimidation, culminating in a question being put to the Australian people in a Referendum during the next term of Government.”

“We will be supporting this call at the next Federal election and beyond.”


Contact: Federal Secretary Stephen Campbell 0438 650 776