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DLP preference deal lifts chances in Western Victoria

The DLP will be in the driver’s seat for Western Victoria, with preferences from the other two parties (Australian Christians and Rise Up Australia) redirected to the Democratic Labour candidate.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into the process and Western Victoria has been a key area for us for quite some time,” Victorian State Secretary Mr Michael Murphy said.

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DLP signs joint statement with Australian Christians and Rise Up Australia

Media Release

The Victorian Branch of the DLP today co-signed a “Public Assurance of Cooperation” with the Australian Christians and the Rise Up Australia Party.

Public Assurance2 Public Assurance

18 August 2014

Standing up for young workers

DLP Senator John Madigan has denounced Family First Senator Bob Day’s idea that young people should be allowed to opt out of the Fair Work system as an ”unbridled social experiment” that would pit middle-aged Australians against the young.

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Madigan: budget lacking in logic, heart, transparency and hope

In a wide-ranging interview with the ABC, Victorian DLP senator John Madigan said the Treasurer must rethink the budget.

“This budget, from my perspective and [that of] a lot of other people I have spoken to from various walks of life, is lacking in logic, it is lacking in heart, it is lacking in vision, transparency. It is predominately ideologically driven, short-sighted and it does not offer much hope to people, young or old.”

Senator Madigan mentioned that he will be suggesting alternatives to some aspects of the budget to the Treasurer.

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Victorian Branch elects new State Executive

Media Release

1 August 2014