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Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters

The Democratic Labour Party thanks everyone who supported or volunteered for the Party in any way during the 2013 Federal Election campaign. Whether it was letterboxing, handing out how-to-vote cards, donating funds or simply putting a 1 in the box for the DLP, the Party is very appreciative of all means of support no matter how great or small.

To all our supporters, volunteers and voters, thank you.

The results in the Senate have provided the Australian Parliament with a new host of small parties – Palmer United, Liberal Democrats, Family First, Australian Sports Party, and the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts who all look set to join DLP Senator John Madigan and Independent Senator Nick Xenophon in the cross benches, in what will be a shared balance of power in the Senate. Together, these small parties and independents will no doubt keep both major parties honest in the Senate.

The DLP increased its vote from the previous federal election in NSW (1.49% from 0.75%), Tasmania (0.77 from 0.47) and South Australia (0.97 from 0.67), with drops in Queensland (0.32 from 0. 46) and Victoria (0.68 from 2.33). We believe that, among other things, the drastic drop in Victoria was largely due to the DLP being positioned last out of 39 senate teams on the ballot paper and the Palmer United Party receiving a much higher vote than expected.

Overall, the DLP has learned much from the 2013 Federal Election campaign and will use this knowledge to build upon previous knowledge which will no doubt place the Party in good stead for future elections.

Notice regarding NSW senate preferences

We have received some inquiries as to why the DLP has preferenced One Nation high up on the New South Wales senate ticket.

During preference talks, we were assured by One Nation that they were a pro-life party and would vote our way on life issues. However, since the preferences were registered, it has become known that One Nation’s stance on certain life issues are in fact contrary to ours.



Mark Farrell
DLP Federal Secretary